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Introducing Small Power Transformers

We’re excited to announce the release of our newest line of small power transformers. Designed to handle low- to medium-voltage ranges and power levels up to 60 MVA, these transformers are ideal for operating in robust industrial and harsh conditions.  


Manufacturing Excellence And Quality At Its Best

We are a customer-focused, solutions innovator on the forefront of transformer and medium voltage switchgear technology.

Each year we make substantial investments in the research and development of new products and manufacturing techniques, and we continually strive to improve our products with higher efficiencies and better values.


Industries We Serve

Power Generation

The electrification of infrastructure and transportation requires new levels of power generation to meet the demand. Our solutions are designed to optimize safety and efficiency throughout the process.

Power Transmission

The shift toward renewable energy requires the transmission of power across an expansive landscape. We’re engineering solutions to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the grid.

Power Distribution

Ensuring reliability is a critical factor in maintaining power distribution systems. We offer flexible solutions engineered to meet your system needsfrom low to high voltage network applications—that improve safety and efficiency.

Solar Energy

We’re suppling cost-effective solutions to key OEMs developing solar platforms that are shaping the industry and keep the promise of a carbon neutral future.

Wind Energy

As the need for cleaner, safer power generation grows, our solutions are designed to support the wind industry and promote more sustainable options for the energy sector.

Data Centers

The digital transformation is creating an even higher demand for reliable power. Our solutions ensure your data center stays online, maximizes efficiency and is easy to maintain.

Commercial Infrastructure

Our experts can help you find the right power solutions to meet your sustainability, safety and space requirements for your building or infrastructure project.

Rail Transport Systems

As the trend toward the electrification of transportation grows, power demands increase. Our solutions are helping rail and transit systems on track.

Industrial Processing Plants

Ensuring uptime is critical. Our solutions are engineerd to perform at the highest level in harsh and hazardous conditions so you can keep your operations up and running.

Designed for Value. Engineered for Quality. Built to Last.

We pride ourselves in our ability to move quickly as we work in collaboration with our customers to find solutions to their specific challenges.

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What We Do

We manufacture medium to high voltage transformers used in large infrastructure projects for commercial & industrial real estate development, municipal projects such as airports and subway systems, as well as factories & processing plants.

Transformer Manufacturing

Our facility is vertically integrated, ensuring product quality while reducing lead time. Sheet metal capabilities include punching, forming, bending and powder coating in ANSI 61 color that lasts up to 1000 hours of salt spray. In-house design and manufacturing enable custom solutions for your project needs.

Sheet Manufacturing

Our unit substations are engineered, designed, assembled and pre-tested at our facilities. Switchgear, transformer and control panels are fully integrated into an easy-to-handle and easy-install form factor. The prefabricated housing includes small power and lighting, HVAC and other equipment at request—all from a one-stop-shop.

Unit Substations

Our circuit breakers are manufactured and fully tested in-house. And our magnetic actuators are designed, assembled, and tested by our team. Manufacturing our breakers and switchgear frames in the same facility allows for streamlined breaker and final production testing.

Breaker Manufacturing

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