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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "JST Way"

To become one of the world’s leading engineering and power equipment manufacturing companies including Medium Voltage Switchgear and Transformers in the ANSI Market.

How does JST do it

As a strategic partner our goal is to always maintain these 3 core behaviors: committed, concise and communication. JST Power Equipment, Inc. will continuously strive to expand our brand within the medium voltage market. We want to make tough decisions easier for our customers with our ease-of-doing-business approach.


We have established a knowledgeable and dedicated team to support the market. We will position ourselves on a project-by-project basis in order to satisfy our customer needs. We are a high-quality supplier with a low overhead business model. As a smaller company we can provide our customers a more individualized customer experience and respond quickly to our customer’s specific needs.

What is the JST problem solving approach

With an inclusive approach with our customers, vendors, and internal teammates to look for creative solutions that solve customer applications and business challenges. By involving the entire value chain, we can optimize solutions while minimizing costs and risks.

Is there a dedicated marketing department available for review of Requirements & Technical review before commencement of the work

Yes. All new requests for quotes/information will be reviewed by the Marketing Department prior to commencement of work.

What is the standard warranty period for JST Power Equipment’s MV Switchgear

Standard warranty offered is 12 months from date of installation, and not to exceed 18 months from date of shipment. Extended warranties may be purchased prior to equipment shipment.

Have maintenance plans been developed for the various products manufactured by JST

Yes. All equipment has O&M manuals that are provided to customers with the equipment.

What is JST Power Equipment Inc. doing to help overcome environmental issues and achieve both a higher quality of life and sustainability

JST Power Equipment Inc is a leading supplier to the renewable energy market segment and provides new and innovative technology to drive carbon-free solutions. We are also committed to carbon reduction with alternate gases and lowering our overall carbon footprint. JST is also committed to reusable resource efficiency and preservation of nature. Lastly JST is investing in carbon reduction efforts at our facilities across the globe including the addition of solar panels and energy storage systems.

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