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Solutions Innovators, Committed To Sustainability.

At JST Power we see our responsibility in developing products with a low environmental impact.

To help the energy sector achieve climate neutrality throughout the value chain by 2050 we continuously improve our products and seek an open dialogue with our customers and suppliers in setting actionable sustainability targets.

Eugenia Jing, CEO


How We Do It

Leveraging Our Vertical Integration

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There is no single supplier in our mix, and if one our sites falls short, another picks up the slack.

Reduced or Increased Demand

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We constantly monitor demand and wuse vendor managed inventory to safeguard supply.

Digital Technologies & AI

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While the intelligence of our employees always runs the show, we are testing first initiatives with AI – e.g. for identifying alternate suppliers.

Keep The Important Things Visible

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We balance our incoming materials, manufacturing outgoing shipments, storage and locations.

Bringing Sourcing Closer To Home

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The key word is localization. As we see manufacturing locate closer to the demand centers, we too are adding additional production hubs.

Balancing The Short With The Long-term

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Wait, was it 80/20 or 20/80? Either way, we make the efforts before problems arise.

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